Holland American cruise lines

This Holland American cruise line was before known as Netherlands America Steamship Company. This company concentrates on the passenger trade and commercial freight shipping.

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Its first passenger ship was built in 1973. Till that the line concentrated only on cruise vacation travel. Before the headquarter of Holland American cruise line was in Rotterdam but than after it shifted to Stanford. After than again in 1983 the headquarter moved to Seattle in Washington to consolidate operation from an Alaska tour company named Westours in which Holland American cruise line purchase an interest. In he year 1988 Holland American cruise line purchased computer guided ships, operator of masted, wind star cruises etc.

Before one year the Holland American cruise line was acquired by the behemoth carnival corporation which has headquarters in Seattle. Now the Holland American cruise line is an US based cruise line still it maintaining strong bond with Netherlands heritage. This cruise line started in 1890’s and is continuing till today. In summer 2003 Holland American cruise line celebrates its 130th anniversary at Rotterdam from where it was started for the very first time. This cruise line announced a new initiative called signature of excellence in the end of 2003. This program focused on the upgrading and updating of the existing ships. About $525 million will be spent for the accommodation of the guests, dining, enrichment program, public room and other services.

A latest round of improvement is announced by Holland American cruise line in 2008. Ryndam, Statendam, Maasdam, Rotterdam, and Veendam are undergoing to a series dry docks which was scheduled by early 2011. New staterooms include spa staterooms, balcony cabin, and “lanai” rooms which will open directly to the deck will be added to all ships. Also an adult only pool will be added to the ships with a new lounge called Mix which is made up of three specialty bars. In 2009 April Veendam was the only ship which has these facilities.

There are many jobs also in Holland American cruise line. This cruise line pays some higher salary but they also expect higher quality service. Another most important fact of cruise line job is cruise life. Cruise ship is an experience and fun and rewarding to many and also staying in abroad is one experience. Of course these things are not in every one’s life. Crew members are needed to be model citizens in all times. This is work place free of drug. You can have alcohol if you are mature enough and the age should be 21 or more. Holland America has one of the higher rates of customer in the cruise industry. The Holland American cruise line provides both tremendous values for your money and extraordinary experience. The recent upgrade the signature of excellence is loved by most of the customers. There are 14 ships are under the Holland American cruise line. The services of this cruise line are award winning. You just love the service they provide it’s just wonderful. The cruise range 2-108 days, and include around world sailing.

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