Home remedies for chigger bites

Chiggers are rarely seen but boy are they ever felt! For the most part people don’t even know they are being bitten by chiggers.

Chiggers love the hot weather and they live anywhere where there is grass. A chigger bite looks like an ant bite at first until they turn in to red welts.

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They seem to love to attack people on their private parts and no amount of “cover up” could help protect from their bite. The best thing to do is to spray yourself with bug spray from top to bottom and don’t frolic on the grass too much.

Chigger bites may last for a few days. They are itchy, red welts that may resemble ant bites until hive starts to spread. Thankfully there are home remedies for chigger bites.

First, apply any antibiotic ointment on the bite as soon as you feel it. This helps with the healing process AND could prevent any infection

Second, a well tested home remedy for chigger bites is to get an ace bandage and wrap it around the area of the bite. Apparently chiggers need air in order to survive so, as soon as you notice a bite and think it’s chigger, roll that bandage around the bite and cut off the air supply to the chigger. Don’t feel bad about killing the darn thing – that is the whole purpose of using a bandage.

Some people’s home remedies for chigger bites would be the melting of an aspiring tablet, gently rubbed onto the bite to help ease some of the pain, discomfort and even the itching.

For once, you might actually be thankful that your 5 or 6 year old daughter has nail polishes scattered about. This next home remedy for chigger bites could use that nail polish. Take that nail polish and apply it onto the chigger bite. This will help keep the children from scratching them.

Pointing warm air, as in that of a hair dryer, can help ease the itch. Hold the hair dryer inches from the bite and put the setting on high. As the warm sensation fades so will the itch too, hopefully.

A favorite tool for home remedies is the use of baking soda. The home remedy for chigger bites is the mixture of baking soda with a bit of water – make a baking soda paste. Apply the paste onto the bite AFTER cleaning off the area with soap and water.

Mouth wash could also be dabbed on the bites. Clean the area bitten with soap and water. Soak a cotton ball with mouthwash and dab onto the bites.

The use any baby oil in the shower to scrub on to the skin can help ease the itch and contain any inflammation. Some use Elmer’s glue on the bites. And, to help get rid of the itching, use Vicks Vapor Rub – the methanol soothes the itch.

Remember that chiggers like to attack the body parts exposed to them such as the wrists, ankles and the waist. They travel fast and are hardly seen. They love our blood and have a party when they get into contact with our skin. They are out in full force during the summer and love to be around the grass or anywhere where there is vegetation.

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