Home remedies for earache

Getting an earache is not uncommon at all especially during a bad cold or a sore throat. For the most part it is bearable – for adults but for children it could really be bad.

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The worst is with babies who can’t say what is wrong so when you see the baby tugging on their ear then you know there’s something wrong. The build up of fluids in the ear turns into pus and builds up in the back of the eardrum which creates pressure and discomfort in the ear. Besides going to the doctor and using antibiotic drops to clear the ears, and perhaps pain killers to help ease the pain, are there are home remedies for earache? And the answer is, yes, there are.

The first suggested of these home remedies for earache is to use a heating pad and put it on the warm setting. Lay the side where the ear is aching on the heating pad. The heat will help ease the pain and loosen up some of that buildup. You can also use a hair dryer for this. Put it on warm setting and hold it at a good distance, be careful not to burn yourself. The warm air will ease some of that pain.

If you don’t have a heating pad and a hair dryer, grab a hot water bottle and wrap a towel around it. Use the bottle like a pillow and lay the side of the ear that hurts on top of that bottle. The heat from the bottle will ease some of that pain. The same thing is done with a microwaved bowl or plate – if you do not have a hot water bottle. Don’t forget to wrap the hot plate with towel so as not to burn your skin.

Some suggests that using garlic by puncturing it on one end to get the juices out and letting it drip in the ear that aches will help ease the pain. Besides warding off vampires, garlic has natural antibiotics that will help soothe some of that pain. A strange yet big part of our home remedies for earache.

Another remedy would be the use of warm mineral oil or olive oil. Put a few drops of either of these oils in the affected ear – this will, again, help soothe the pain. Warm up the oil by placing the mineral oil bottle or the olive oil bottle under hot water. Use a dropper when applying the oil. Make sure it’s not hot that it would burn your ear. This is a great and one of the easiest home remedies for earache.

And yet, the easiest and commonly used home remedies for earache is by chewing gum BUT this is only true if the earache is due to pressure as in altitude change. Besides chewing gum, yawning is, if anything, the most natural of all these home remedies.

Of course, go to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis especially when it comes to your children. And, in as much as doctors would prescribe medication, a lot of doctors out there are turning to homeopathic remedies. Discuss alternative treatments with your physician before engaging in any of these.

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