Home remedies for fruit flies

Those little pesky things that fly in the house that looks like pecks of dust are fruit flies. Fruit flies and yet there are no fruit in the house.

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What the heck? How do you get rid of them? Remember, just because they are called fruit flies does not mean that’s all they target. You will find them pretty much anywhere where there is fresh produce around. Until you find the source, those little nasty things will keep coming back.

One of the most talked about home remedies for fruit flies would be basil! Yes, the plant. If you put a pot of basil by the sink or on a window sill, or the kitchen table, it will shoo those darn fruit flies away.

Another way is by using dry soap or detergent. Sprinkle some detergent in garbage cans and on the problem area and this is said to be a quick home remedy for fruit flies.

A lot has been said about using chili and vinegar to your fruit bearing trees. Apparently, the home remedy for fruit flies on trees is to mix 2 ounces of beer, 1 ½ quarts of wter and 4 chopped jalapenos plus 2 cloves of garlic and strain well. Pour in a spray bottle and spray onto the leaves of your fruit bearing tree, avoid spraying the flowers or blossoms.

People have also raved about using lavender oil as the best home remedies for fruit flies. With a sponge, soak it in lavender oil, set on a small dish or saucer and place it near your fresh fruits, or anywhere where the fruit flies would be. The scent, much like basil, is said to drive the fruit flies away.

Some people’s home remedies for fruit flies are as easy as spraying Windex. Although this could kill those tiny little flies it does not deter them from coming back. Others say leaving a half empty can of beer by the garbage can (make sure you drink the other half so as not to let it go to waste). The beer could, again, kill the flies but more may come and look for their lost loved ones.

Some home owners trick those darn flies, it’s their best remedies for fruit flies. They have a mixture of apple cider or white vinegar about ¼ to ½ cup, add 1 – 2 tsp of sugar and a drop of dish detergent. Mix in a bowl and set where the flies are. Invite them over to drink and apparently those annoying buggers can’t get enough that they’d want to swim in it!

Many of these are tried and it seems most of it work in killing the flies but not so much as to rid of them. So far, the most talked about best home remedies for house flies would be the basil plant. Why not have a plant handy? Not only would it ward off flies but you’ll have fresh basil on-hand – and hopefully enough to make some fresh pesto sauce!

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