Home remedies for hangover

Believe it or not there is a medical term for hangover, it’s known as Veisalgia. This is caused by large consumption of alcohol or drug however the term hangover is commonly associated with too much alcohol consumption.

Home remedies for hangover has been widely discussed, used and debated over, they even had an episode about this on Myth Busters where they tried all the “myths” about the best home remedies for hangover and the outcome I could not remember.

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Keep in mind, what works for one may not work for the other as we all have different tolerance and different reaction to different remedies. Some work, some don’t – this is all through trial and error.

One of the most known home remedies for a hangover I’ve heard is that of consuming something greasy as in a thick, greasy hamburger. I cringe at the thought of it and wonder if having a nauseous stomach, would grease help ease that nausea? Some people say it works. I think it works because probably you are hungry after partying and drinking all night.

And yet it seems the best known home remedies for a hangover is good ol’ plain water. After consuming too much alcohol leaves you dehydrated. With not enough water in your system and too much alcohol in your system could only lead dehydration and a bad hangover. The advice is to drink as much water as you can before going to bed however, good luck having a good night’s sleep for I can only imagine you’ll have to get up a few times to go to the bathroom with your bladder having to deal with alcohol and water. In the morning, post-drinking, grab that water again and try to flush that alcohol out of your system. It is also suggested that drinking water before you start drinking could help ease that hangover after the party.

The biggest suggestion I have heard is for people to eat before they drink. This by far is probably the best of the home remedies for hangover there is. Food will help reduce the rate of which the alcohol enters the system and so therefore reduces the hangover.

Another of the remedies for hangover that I’ve been told of is to take chewable, or any kind, of Vitamin C. The vitamin breaks down the alcohol content in the system.

The best way yet to avoid a hangover is to make sure you have food in your stomach. Food helps absorb the alcohol and helps in digesting the alcohol faster. It is believed that eating food rich in starch slows down the absorption of alcohol AND perhaps the biggest sense there is to slow down in your alcohol drinking to less than A drink an hour. Also alternate between drinking alcohol and water as well as drinking carbonated drinks for the carbonation speeds up the alcohol absorption. Try to avoid drinking sweet drinks for this could impair you ability to recognize the amount of alcohol you’ve already had and are having.

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