Home remedies for mosquito bites

Summer brought out the grill, beach toys, sun screen, kids home for summer and the uninvited mosquitoes. When we lived up north mosquitoes were something to deal with in the summer but, when we moved down to the south all of a sudden mosquitoes became almost a year round intruder.

Besides being bothersome by buzzing in your ears, mosquitoes could also be alarming as you’ll never know what kind of disease they are passing from one person to another with every bite.

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Oh, and killing those nasty things – it’s always so victorious to be able to slap them dead be it on your person or on someone else.

My children have suffered so many mosquito bites since we moved down south and I have those antihistamine creams which don’t seem to work at all. What else could I use to treat mosquito bites?

One of the most common and widely used home remedies for mosquito bites would be baking soda. Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl and add some water a little at a time. Apply this paste on the bite. Not only will this relieve the itch but help in reducing the swelling as well.

Another strange but sensible of the home remedies for mosquito bites would be the use of a banana peel. The potassium and other antioxidants found in a banana will help reduce the itching from the bite. Take a banana, peel it and apply the inside of the peel to the bite and while you’re at it, have a healthy snack.

Lemons are not only used in foods and drinks but they are also great in treating mosquito bites and since it is a natural disinfectant it helps soothe the skin from the bite and it helps heal the skin as well. This is one of my favorite home remedies for mosquito bites.

Vinegar is not only used as a natural home cleaner and disinfectant but it’s also wonderful in alleviating that itch from a bite. The home remedies for mosquito bites advises to soak a cotton ball in vinegar and dab onto the bite. If you have a few bites on your body, instead of using a cotton ball, take a warm bath in the tub and add 2 to 3 cups of white vinegar in your bath water.

The use of Tea Tree oil is also common use as it not only helps fight off the infection but is also a natural anti-inflammatory natural home remedies for mosquito bites treatment. Take 2 drops of the oil and apply on the bite. Tea tree oil should be available at your natural health food stores.

The use of a washcloth to your mosquito bite is probably the most known home remedies for mosquito bites. The heat from the warm towel takes the infection out of the skin and could help clean out whatever infection that mosquito carries. Unfortunately, in as much as the warm cloth could give some relief, the itch returns rather quickly and it does not eliminate much of the swelling as well.

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