Home remedies for passing a drug urinalysis

There are so many companies nowadays that do drug testing before they hire anyone for employment. Urine tests are also done to screen women for pregnancy by those big fortune 500 companies.

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This, however, is focusing mainly on drug tests.

I am against the use of recreational drugs and believe that the best way home remedy for pass a drug test is by not taking or doing any recreational drugs at all – this, for sure is the best way! That said, however, I am aware that there are users out there, those who particularly use marijuana for recreational purposes.

First of, know that when you use marijuana, a substance called TetraHydroCannabinol (THC) is present and this gets into your fat lipids which makes it hard to get rid of.

Some reports show that the best home remedy for passing a drug urinalysis is by using a natural root called Goldenseal. You can either look for the root itself OR it is also available as a pill and there are some herbal teas that would carry them too. You can also try regular Green Tea. Green tea is said to cleanse the body of waste and although THC stays in the system for 3 months, drinking green tea may help speed the process of detoxification.

Another home remedy for passing a drug urinalysis test is by going on a high fiber diet. Doing so will help re-direct the soluble metabolites to the colon and not to the bladder thus a cleaner urinalysis test. Drinking lots of fluids including cranberry juice, coffee, soda, grape juice and other known diuretics is believed to lower the TCH level in the urine test.

Drinking water is also said to be one of the best home remedies for passing a drug test. Drinking at least 2 quarts of water hours before the urine test helps dilute the urine and possibly not show any THC at all. Problem with this is that if your urine is overly diluted it could raise a red flag. Also, know that drinking too much water may lead to death.

The consumption of vinegar lowers the pH level of your urine. Studies show that when urine is acidified, amphetamines are excreted faster. This is one of the favorite home remedies for passing a drug test and many combine water and vinegar before the drug test.

It is also believed that eating red meat helps dilute your urine sample. Red meat boosts creatinine levels and so consuming lots of red meat 3 days prior to your drug tests will reveal normal creatinine levels and no red flags would be raised as the laboratory will not know that you’ve diluted your urine sample.

Most marijuana users would suggest going to a vitamin store and spending around $30.00 for some detoxifying products. Those products along with water and even taking Vitamin B complex 48 hours before the test would help along. Avoid salty foods and don’t skip your meals and, again, lots of water. Also, try to clean out your system by urinating as much as you can before the test. Flush that THC out of your system.

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