Home remedies for passing drug tests

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol – a substance found in marijuana, a fat soluble and stored in the fat cells. It is said to stay on our lipid tissue for at least 3 months.

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So you think you can get rid of it and pass a drug test? There are so many known home remedies for passing drug tests, but do they really work? Do you really want to risk a home remedy when a job could be on the line? Let’s look into these home remedies and figure out what works.

The first of the home remedies for passing drug tests would be one that seems to make a lot of sense – drinking water. It is advised that you drink water prior to the test. You can start drinking days before the test but it would be useless since THC stays in our system as, remember, it is not water soluble. Water dilutes the urine and when the test is done and they see that your urine is diluted your test could be questioned. Besides, overdosing in water is possible and could lead to death.

What about drinking vinegar? This is listed in the home remedies for passing drug tests. Vinegar will lower the pH level and the amphetamines are excreted faster when the urine is acidified therefore, vinegar could possibly help by lowering the period of detection of the amphetamines. The downside of drinking vinegar? This could cause diarrhea and I can’t imagine drinking vinegar could be pleasant.

What about the use of diuretics? This is said to be a sure way as one of the home remedies for passing drug test. What diuretics naturally do is make someone urinate more often. Drinking cranberry juice, soda, beer, coffee, grape juice, iced tea – these could all make you “go”. This may or may not work and be careful ‘cause some diuretics like Dexatrim may appear as a false positive during a test.

One of the favorites of home remedies for passing a drug test is getting on a high fiber diet. What this would do is to redirect the fat metabolites to the colon and not to the bladder. This along with exercise will clean the metabolites faster. The goal is not to burn fat cells when the test time is near. Come test day what matters is what’s in your blood and urine sample. Exercise increases your metabolic rate and thus moves the THC through the system at a faster rate. Exercise between drug tests but not up to 48 hours prior to the test. In as much as this is the known best home remedy for passing drug tests, exercising prior to the test increases the amount of THC in the urine.

Another advise is how to give a clean urine. They say not to give the urine first thing in the morning as this is the dirtiest and could be filled with THC metabolites. It is suggested that you urinate a few times before the test and to take the midstream urine.

Drink your water, cranberry juice, vinegar, exercising – but are you truly going to risk it with these home remedies? If you want to be sure, you can get a home kit to test the levels. And yet, of all these remedies the best would be don’t do drugs that would cause you something major in your life – it’s not worth it.

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