Hospital 3 day diet

The hospital 3 day diet plan is used mainly by doctors for patients who suffer from obesity and also in military. This diet consists of all natural products.

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The hospital 3 day diet does not include pills and other nasty shaky. The aim of the hospital 3 day diet is that it causes a certain reaction to occur in the digestive system. It does so by mixing several types of food together. The purpose of this diet is that it helps the body to boost the metabolism and also burn the fat at a higher rate than our body would normally burn. It has to be kept in mind that after the hospital 3 day diet plan is over, we must resume normal eating for 3 to 4 days. In these 3 to 4 days, we must take extra care that we do not overeat any meals. Since this is a calorie diet, our weight will be reduced soon if we consume the same number of calories for a good number of days. This diet is not completely safe and we may be subjected to any problems. Hence, it is advisable that we consult a doctor for a good checkup before we go for such diet plans.

First day of the diet


For breakfast, eat just a slice of toast and drink black coffee or black tea. Eat 1 banana and also peanut butter as seasoning for the toast. Do not consume anything else other than this for breakfast.


Drink ½ cup of tuna and begin the main course with 1 slice of toast and drink black coffee or black tea as usually. Drink a good quantity of water.


For dinner, you can eat a little more than what you had ate for breakfast and lunch. Eat 2 hot dogs. Then, eat 1 cup of boiled carrots and also 1 banana. Consume 1 cup cabbage which is boiled. As usual, drink black tea or black coffee.

Second day of the diet


Eat 1 boiled egg. Then, eat toast with peanut butter. Now, it is time to taste black coffee or black tea. Finish the breakfast with 1 glass of fruit juice.


Eat 1 hardboiled egg for starting the lunch on a high. Eat 1 slice of toast with peanut butter for seasoning. Then, finish the lunch with 1 cup of black coffee or black tea or water in a good amount.


Eat 3 oz of any lean meat that is available. Eat 1 cup of green beans and 1 cup of carrots. Eat 1 small cup of vanilla ice cream. Add 1 apple to your food. Drink black coffee or black tea.

Third day of the diet


Eat 5 regular saltine crackers. Eat 1 large apple and sign out with black coffee or black tea.


For lunch, 1 cup of cottage cheese is recommended. Follow it up with 6 saltine crackers and black tea as usual.


Eat 1 cup of tuna and ½ cup of carrots for dinner. Follow it up with 1 cup of cauliflower and 1 cup of cabbage. End the dinner with 1 cup of vanilla ice cream and black coffee.

Thus, hospital 3 day diet has been discussed.

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