How can I view my house via Satellite

Many persons will ask the question: How can I view my house via Satellite? Generally what is meant by the person posing the question is: is it possible to view one’s address by way of Satellite technology. There are in fact ways to view your house using the technological aspect of the Satellite.

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The shot involves an immobile image of the home’s location.

This can be achieved in several ways and in the way of free services. How can I view my house via Satellite can best be answered by providing you with several options you have in order to effect the desired result. One way is to go to Google Maps or any of the other mapping Internet sites and type in the address of your house.

Next in answering the question how can I view my house via satellite this may be best defined by suggesting you go to the section within Google Maps by turning on the Satellite option and turning all the other tabs off. You will want to do this in order that you can receive a clear view of the image itself without the confusions of street name and landmark name locations. The street names and landmark names may very well distract you from the physical imagery of your house.

The question how can I view my house via satellite can also be addressed in the way of two other options. You may also download software referred to as Google Earth from the Google search provider. You need only to search for Google Earth in your browser and then download the software and install it for free on your computer. In answering the question how can I view my house via satellite using the application, it is simply a matter again of plugging in the address of your house and in return you will be provided with a very nice three dimensional view of your dwelling. This 3-D effect is very captivating. You may depending on the area where you reside zoom into the shot all the way to street level. Again, this will depend upon where within Google Earth you live as it can’t be facilitated for every location.

In asking the question once more how can I view my house via satellite there is another web-based application you may rely and that is by way of Microsoft. Their Internet version as it regards immobile satellite imagery is Virtual Earth however nowadays is referred to as Bling Maps.

With any of these applications you just need type in your physical address and at minimum receive a bird’s eye view of your house. So in answer to the question how can I view my house via satellite three options have been provided: Google Maps, Google Earth and lastly but not least: Virtual Earth renamed to Bling Maps.

That said, in summary this does not mean that there are not also other viable sites and software as far as viewing your house or any other structure for that matter over the Internet. In fact there is a host of applications and sites. Google Earth particularly happens to be one of the popular solutions.

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