How do I cook hamburgers in the oven?

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke doesn’t it? One can almost imagine a home economics tutor posing the question of “how do I cook hamburgers in the oven” to the class, only for one joker to quip with something along the lines of: “well that sure is easy. How do i cook hamburgers in the oven? That’s real easy teach, all you need to do is put them in a tray, turn the oven on and then close the door!”
There is a saying, “the elite do not forget the basics”.

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It is when we become complacent and overly confident about our abilities and talents that we set ourselves up for a rather nasty fall and so it is imperative that we do not assume that we know what we are doing.
Too many cooks have considered the question: “how do i cook hamburgers in the oven” and then dismissed it out of hand, thinking that the answer is just too obvious…and then had to contend not only with a stone cold, red raw hamburger that is barely cooked in the inside but follow that unpleasant meal up with the dessert of humble pie. You have been warned so ignore these pearls of wisdom at your peril!
Sure, we may try and trivialise the question of “how do i cook hamburgers in the oven” with a simple: apply heat to the burgers until they are cooked. However, if you really want to enjoy a very fine tasting burger indeed then why not try flame grilling them? Use mesquite chips in order to provide that all essential, slow burning effect that just gives the meat that wonderful, sensual taste that lingers in the back of your throat like a welcome memory.
How do I cook hamburgers in the oven? If you want to cook them in a mediocre, haphazard way then simply throw in the oven, walk away and check on them periodically. How do I cook hamburgers in the oven, to ensure maximum flavour, texture and taste? Use mesquite chips, however a word of caution. If you simply use a couple of mesquite chips that are bone dry then they will get burned up far too quickly due to the intense heat of the oven meaning that the effect is nowhere as potent. Therefore, you may want to dip the mesquite chips in water to help improve the process.

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