How do I get rid of an earache?

There are so many ways to get rid of an earache but before you do so you’ll have to determine what is causing that earache. An earache could mean a number of things including infections and we don’t want to aggravate an infection by using different methods without consulting your doctor.

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So, how do I get rid of an earache? Let’s go through some steps.

First – see your doctor. Although we understand that you don’t want to be running to the doctor every time your ear hurts however, if this is something that is chronic then you definitely have to see your doctor as soon as you can.

If the pain is “new” and nothing that is too alarming then the first suggestion on how do I get rid of an earache is to take a pain killer as in Acetaminophen, as in Tylenol. Taking anything other than acetaminophen may cause more pain or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Do not give anything to your child without consulting with your doctor first.

If the Tylenol does not work then you may try an over-the-counter medication called Auralgan. This is an anesthetic that is applied directly to the ear canal. Any pharmacy or drug store should have this on their shelf. Go to your pharmacy and ask them, how do I get rid of an earache? And they will recommend a few things and don’t be surprised if they suggest Auralgan to you.

But if I don’t want to rely on drugs but would much rather use an alternative method –

How do I get rid of an earache? The answer is – mineral oil. Yup, good ol’ mineral oil can help rid of that earache however this is used if the pain is caused by an external ear infection as in “swimmer’s ear and otitis” but NOT when you perforated your ear drum or if you have ear implants. The mineral oil helps release that excess water from the ear and it helps protect the ear canal lining plus, it loosens up ear wax.

Oral decongestant medication can also be used when someone asks how do I get rid of an earache. The decongestant can help alleviate the pressure by draining all that stuffed up mucous especially if you are suffering from a middle ear infection. Also, the doctor may prescribe some antibiotics too. If you have a cold especially a sinus infection, all that built up mucous that cannot come out, and with the constant blowing of your nose, this affects your ears and that pressure or fullness in your ears will have to be relieved. Besides a decongestant, vapor rubs and vapor showers could help relieve some of that pressure too and you’ll notice that once that sinus pressure is gone your ears will be feeling better too.

Lastly, if none of the above mentioned works, you can always use the warm compress method. Either a heating pad, or the cold – hot pack, anything soft and warm on which you can place of your ear that hurts. The heat helps soothe the pain and help reduce any swelling that is built up in your ear.

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