How do I grow strawberries in Containers?

Many individuals living in urban areas or within limited space situations will ask the question: how do I grow strawberries in containers? This is a very good question as strawberries are ideal in city gardens.

The first area to consider before beginning a container garden or addressing the question: how do I grow strawberries in containers is to become knowledgeable about the kinds of strawberry plants you may grow.

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The plant store where you purchase your strawberry plant will carry strawberry plants that will prosper from a growth standpoint within your particular region of the country. If you were growing strawberry plants outside of a container environment the plant in the garden would be planted and cared for very much the same way as the gardener would handle his or her perennials. However growers in very warm climates may plant the strawberry plant in the same manner as they would their annual plants. This means the plant would be planted and then planted again each successive year.

Naturally before you get to the point of answering the question how I grow strawberries in containers you will want to select the types of plants you wish to place within your container garden.

Most home gardeners when visiting the nursery select the June bearers. The June bearers will produce strawberries for approximately a two to three week period and produce a very delicious and sweet strawberry. They are vastly preferred for this reason.

Another plant type consideration (before truly addressing the question of how do I grow strawberries in containers) is the ever bearing strawberry plant. The ever bearing plant is able to yield strawberries two to three times each season and may be an ideal compliment to other kinds of strawberry plants within your container garden especially if you want to extend the harvesting season for your strawberries. Many individuals will grow the June bearer type of strawberry plants and supplement this harvest with ever bearing kinds of plants.

Also, before addressing the question how do I grow strawberry plants in containers which in a way has been partially answered as you know now you can combine plant varieties for lengthier periods of harvest, the third kind of strawberry plant is the day neutral. The day neutral out of all three types of strawberry plants will be most constant with regard to yielding the grower fruit. The downside of the fruit is that the strawberry will be smaller than what is found on the other two kinds of plants. Also the day neutrals do not tend to re-establish themselves in producing runners as much as the June bearers and this may be why although the yield is continually dependable the fruit is less substantial in overall size.

When answering the question: how do I grow strawberries in containers since the ever bearers and day neutrals do not send out a tremendous amount of runners they are the best plants to use when planting strawberry plants inside containers. The self-watering style container and hanging baskets are good strawberry container solutions.

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