How do Strawberries Reproduce?

Many individuals truly do not know how strawberries reproduce. It may surprise the person who is curious about strawberry reproduction to know that the seeds that so generously cover the fruit are not the principle means of propagation of the strawberry plant.

The best way in explaining the question how do strawberries reproduce is to illustrate how the plant handles the development of the strawberry plant.

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When the strawberry fruit is growing the plant tends to diminish the growth by means of clones or another term is runners. The runner is similar in form to a tendril. In fact in answering the question of How do Strawberries reproduce the runners begin to grow roots and begin to establish the roots in the soil which naturally act as good starters for newer plants. After this happens in further answering the question of how do strawberries reproduce the newer plants yield strawberries and also once again in order to keep growth even will produce more of these runners that tend to establish themselves once again into the soil.

This type of growth in association with the question how do strawberries reproduce is a form of vegetative reproduction and it is not atypical when it comes to the world of plants. Generally, however it is found in perennial type of plants and there is always as illustrated in our example of the strawberry plant thinning out the plant in order to establish new growth some type of change in the area of the roots or stem system in order to make new growth as described a possibility.

Lastly as it pertains to the question how do strawberries reproduce it is still possible although not as preferable as growth through runners is to establish the plants by way of seeds. A reason you may want to go with this method is if you prefer a non hybridized form of strawberry or if you are anxious in getting a crop planted. The strawberry seeds can be taken from the berries or you may purchase strawberry seeds from farming or seed storehouses or companies. If you take the seeds from the berries you will want to remove them from the berry itself and preserve them in some manner.

However that said the best way is to use the system of the runners if you can as this is a very natural and consistent way in which to grow the strawberry plant. The only reason you would want to use the seed once again is if you were in a hurry to get a crop started and it was the right season to begin growing strawberries.

Knowing that the strawberry plant is able to thin out the plant to perfection and establish new roots in order to create new plants that yield fruits should put your mind at ease that establishing a crop using this method is fairly easy as the plant does the work for you.

Regardless of method in answering the question: how do you reproduce strawberries can be easily answered. You can allow the strawberry plant to do the work for you or you can plant seeds depending on your requirements and reasons.

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