How do you cook hamburger steak

How do you cook hamburger steak is a question that seems to raise eyebrows and rather unpleasant triggers when posed to certain people, because hamburger steak is often belittled by classiest people as the food of the poor and downtrodden. Hamburger steak is nothing more exotic than hamburger meat which has been specially molded and crafted so as to appear like a steak to the chef, but to be perfectly honest, if you were to close your eyes and taste hamburger steak and real steak….you would probably struggle to tell the difference.
How do you cook hamburger steak? That depends on if you want to do it in a mediocre fashion, and treat the meat as if it was nothing more than fuel for the engine or if you actually regard it as a culinary dish which is to be savoured, appreciated and enjoyed.
How do you cook hamburger steak in a mediocre fashion? Just throw it on the grill, walk away and turn it over whenever you feel like it, oh and don’t forget to just not bother at all with any sort of seasoning agents such as herbs, salt or pepper.

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Or if you are frying it, make sure you don’t clean the pan, use too much oil, and make no effort to trim the fat away.
How do you cook hamburger steak was a question that was extremely common during the 1950’s and 60’s because of the socioeconomic climate of the day: steak was extremely costly indeed and so how do you cook hamburger steak became a top priority for many families.
A prime reflection of this is the sheer number of different recipes and books solely dedicated to nothing more than that single question: “how do you cook hamburger steak”.
Even more remarkable about this phenomena is that despite the fact that there was such a remarkable volume of different books solely dedicated to this topic, is that they all managed to find some new twist or new angle on the topic without totally duplicating the content already covered.
How do you cook hamburger steak? Preparation is absolutely vital to your end success and so that effect, it is imperative that you make the burgers of the proper dimensions otherwise they will not cook properly, and you will be left with a rather unappetizing, misshapen lump which will be more liable to break your teeth.

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