How long do I broil a steak for?

If you want to know the right answer to that question, then you should make sure that you look directly into a mirror before posing the question, because the simple truth of the question “how long do i broil a steak” is entirely dependent upon your personal preference(s). The term broil, it should be noted is simply the American verb for grilling and it is important to note that these two terms are often used interchangeably to mean precisely the same thing.

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It is worth making this distinction very clear, because it is nothing short of remarkable, the number of novice chefs who ask the question “how long do i broil a steak” only to be confronted with a stony silence as their guest looks on in total confusion.

Another common question which is posed by the inexperienced/inquisitive chef (it should be noted that these terms are by no means, mutually exclusive) is whether or not there is any difference between broiling and grilling. The simple answer is no, both rely upon the direct exposure of thermal radiation in order to cook and prepare the meat.

Whenever the question “how long do i broil a steak” is raised, another question that quickly follows snapping at its heels is: “why should I bother broiling my steak anyway?” The answer is simple, cooking the steak in the oven is a sure fire, absolutely guaranteed way to convert an otherwise juicy, succulent and extremely delicious piece of steak into hardened shoe leather. If you cook your steaks, relying solely on this method of doing so then you are in for a very disappointing dining experience.

how long do i broil a steak for? In short, not very long because the purpose of broiling the steak is simply intended to help brown the steak, as opposed to actually cook it all the way through again. Therefore, the cook should only broil their steak (at an absolute maximum) of around 3-4 minutes tops. Just make sure you keep a close eye on your steak so that the question of “how long do i broil a steak” does not become “where is the nearest dumpster”. As soon as the steak begins to turn brown on one side, that is the perfect time to gently turn it on its side so as to ensure that the texture is toasted on the other side too.

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