How long do I cook a two pound meatloaf

It has to be accepted by everyone that meatloaf is the best tasty food when compared to all the other loafs in the load family. But the question may arise as to how long do I cook a two pound meatloaf.

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This is a tricky question and it has been answered though by many experts. We will discuss about them more in detail.

It has to be taken into account that concentration is the biggest thing that has to be considered when you are cooking a two pound meatloaf. Think of how much it would be a waste if the two pound meatloaf is burnt due to poor concentration.

So, how long do I cook a two pound meatloaf? Well here goes the answer to the question.

The time variations may be different when we consider the taste of the meatloaf that we want. The combination of the ingredients can sometimes make it extremely hard to judge as to how long do I cook a two pound meatloaf. Since two pounds is considered to be generally a fair bit of amount, it will take some time to cook and it is independent of the type of cooking method that we usually employ in our homes or in the hotels. The oven is considered to be a fair enough quick method to cook a two pound meatloaf. First of all, it has to be kept in mind that when you are cooking a two pound meatloaf, make sure that you cover it with an aluminum foil first of all. Keep it in the oven for about an hour and then uncover it. Then, continue cooking for another 20 minutes or so.

Some people do not cover it and they straight away cook it at a high temperature of about 400 degrees F. The advantage of covering the two pound meatloaf is that it does not cause any charring or burning on the outside of the meatloaf. Thus, the meatloaf is kept at a relatively moist condition.

Thus, it can be seen that a two pound meatloaf generally takes about a hour’s time depending upon the recipe, amount of meat that is used and also the type of cooking that is done. To answer the question of how long do I cook a two pound meatloaf, we cook it until the internal temperature has reached to about 160 degrees F. The temperature of the two pound meatloaf can be measured with the help of a meat thermometer.

There may also exist a few grilling methods to cook the two pound meatloaf. Grilling may take about the same time only. Grilling the two pound meatloaf is somewhat the same as that of grilling a rib eye steak. Just grill the sides of the meat but the time for grilling each side will be about 20 minutes since it is a lot thicker than that of the steak.

Thus, the explanation for the question as to how long do I cook a two pound meatloaf has been answered successfully.

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