How long do you Barbecue Chicken?

Certainly one of the most tasty and succulent meats is barbecued chicken. Persons who want to become masters of their grill naturally are going to ask the question how long do you barbecue chicken? The following information will provide you with the know how to assure your barbecue chicken with respect to the question how long do you barbecue chicken is perfect every time.

First before even starting the barbecue process is to purchase a bird that is very fresh.

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It is important that you use fresh meat and preferably not a chicken that has been frozen relative to our question how long do you barbecue chicken. If you are stuck with a frozen chicken make absolutely certain it is completely thawed. Also it is best to thaw the bird inside the refrigerator to prevent the formulation of harmful bacteria that may occur at room temperature.

Also prior to addressing our question how long do you barbecue a chicken it is important you paint your marinade on the outside of the chicken prior to barbecuing the bird. This will assure your chicken is highly succulent and the marinade will add flavor to it. Also applying the marinade first will be helpful in assuring moisture is retained.

Next with regard to our topic question how long do you barbecue chicken it will be necessary to clue you in on the ingredients you’ll use in order to create a sensational tasting bird. The ingredients as to preparation of your chicken follow respective of the question how long do you barbecue chicken:

  1. One and one-half tablespoon of salt
  2. One tablespoon of onion powder
  3. One tablespoon of garlic powder
  4. One teaspoon leaf thyme
  5. One teaspoon sage
  6. One teaspoon paprika
  7. One teaspoon black pepper

Next you will mix the above ingredients in a bowl and then rub onto the chicken with respect to our primary topic how long do you barbecue chicken.

Basing our barbecue instructions in using a charcoal grill, allow thirty minutes for the coals to get hot. You need to assure the coals heat up for at least thirty minutes as you will not want there to be areas of hot and cold with respect your grill: the idea is to allow for your bird to cook evenly. Also it is best you barbecue your bird at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time to make certain it is evenly cooked.

The internal temperature of your chicken with respect to how long do you barbecue chicken should be right around 165 degrees F or until the juices of the chicken run clear. In example cuts such as chicken breast take around eight to twelve minutes to cook: this is why a meat thermometer will serve you well gaging done time with regard the internal degrees of the meat. Also juices should be clear. Do not ever consider a chicken done where the juices are running pink.

Various cuts will require different times as far as cooking. The general rule is once the internal temperature has reached 165 degrees or the juices are running clear is an ideal time to baste with the barbecue sauce.

The time it takes to barbecue chicken is based on the size of the chicken, and whether it is dark meat or white meat. A whole bird will take anywhere from one to one-half hours to cook. Additionally, if you wish the bird to get done sooner you will want to make certain you keep the lid closed on your grill.

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