How long do you broil rib eye steaks?

Pose this question to any novice cook and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be given a fairly blank response in return as they struggle to come to terms with what the question actually means. You would think that there is some grand, mystical properties about the rib eye steak as if it had to be prepared in some special way, or that there is only a certain way in which it can be properly cooked.

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Nothing could be further from the truth but yet, this myth is extremely prevalent indeed.

Rib eye steaks are extremely versatile pieces of meat, in that there is a remarkable array of different methods which the cook can utilize in order to cook the rib eye. how long do you broil rib eye steaks for? Perhaps a better question would be to consider just why on earth would the cook want to actually broil their rib eye steak in the first place, and the short answer is that it is an excellent way to bring out a delicious new texture and flavor to the steak.

how long do you broil rib eye steaks for? No longer than three minutes per side (so six minutes in total) or until the steaks have turned brown. Yes, it really is that simple. It is rather amusing to see the reaction of novice cooks, as the wheels slowly turn achingly in their minds and they come to terms with the awesome potential that that single question, “how long do you broil rib eye steaks” has managed to release for them.
how long do you broil rib eye steaks for, with all kidding aside? No more than three minutes for each side otherwise you will end up over broiling them and this will kill off all of the flavor (as well as making it like shoe leather.

When novice cooks ask the question “how long do you broil ribeye steaks for” and get that response, they do a double take, they actually recoil at just what a short space of time they need to do the broiling for. The reason for such a seemingly minuscule amount of effort is extremely straightforward indeed, you have already cooked the meat, the only purpose of broiling is to enhance the texture and the flavor of the meat nothing more. Broiling is a great way to seriously improve the quality of your dish.

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