How long do you cook a fresh ham?

How long do you cook a fresh ham? That depends, and on a lot more than merely just how hungry either you or your guests happen to be! Whereas some meats are rather difficult to gauge the proper amount of time to cook them for, (with the hapless chef placed in the unenviable position of merely checking the juices or inside the meat) one of the redeeming features of ham is not only is it an extremely tasty and versatile dish indeed but it is also very easy to cook and prepare.

How long do you cook a fresh ham? Until all the bacteria is dead, and this is should be top on the list of priorities for all chefs who are cooking any piece of ham because the bacteria that can live on ham can cause very serious and unpleasant health risks indeed. Of these, Staphylococcus aureus is by far the most problematic and particular care should be taken when cooking and preparing ham that has been dry cured.

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A common problem is that many novice cooks will be well aware of the issue of: “How long do you cook a fresh ham” and will have cooked the meat for the recommended period of time. So far, so good.

However, when they remove the meat from the oven, they neglect to satisfy the other food safety requirements so commonly associated with the safe preparation of ham, and so the issue of how long do you cook a fresh ham becomes all but redundant because they have lured themselves into a false sense of security and suffered the consequences for it.

How long do you cook a fresh ham is a bit of a misleading question because the next question that any chef should ask is: what type of ham is it? How long do you cook a fresh ham for is entirely dependent on a number of variables such as: is the ham frozen or is it merely chilled? What is the actual weight of the ham to be cooked?(As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the meat, the longer it requires to be cooked for.

Given that there are so many varieties of cuts and types of ham, trying to remember the precise rules as to How long do you cook a fresh ham can be an extremely unappetizing task indeed. Make your life easier by printing off a hard copy of the recommended cooking times specified by the professionals.

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