How long do you cook a medium steak

Famous chefs from around the globe still find it difficult to answer the question as to how long do you cook a medium steak. Medium steak is usually preferred over other types of steak such as the low steak or the high steak.

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This is because the medium steak is tenderer to eat. We can cook the steak at high temperature in a charcoal grill or by frying it in a pan in a stove. That is not a concern when it comes to answering as to how long do you cook a medium steak. How long do you cook a medium steak depends upon as to how much heat the cooking element generates. At this stage, there is no simple answer to the question “how long do you cook a medium steak?”

The medium steak has a very small and thin pink colored strip that can be found at exactly the center of the meat. Many people have a wrong idea or thinking about what exactly a medium steak is. For those who have confusions regarding this medium steak, read the next few lines. If the meat is very red and juicy even after the meat has been cooked, then it means that the meat is not yet a medium steak. If it is only pink in color, then it means that it is overcooked.

Cooking a medium steak is done usually in about 6 to 7 minutes on a medium or a high heat. This can also depend upon the climate at which we are preparing the medium steak. Thus, it can be seen that it is not all that simple in cooking a medium steak when compared to the other types of steak.

Follow the instructions given after this line in order to cook a medium steak. The following instructions can answer as to how long do you cook a medium steak.

First of all, cook the steak on one side. This is done usually for about 3 to 4 minutes. Now, the next step is to flip the steak around and then touch or feel it with your finger. The firmness of the steak must be medium. It must not be too soft and it must also not be too rough or hard. The meat thermometer can go a long way in determining the nature of the steak with the help of temperature readings. The ideal temperature for a medium steak is around 160 degrees F. If the meat thermometer shows this reading then it can be taken into assumption that the steak is now a medium steak. Chefs have given a general advice that as soon as the meat thermometer shows around 150 degrees F, it is a good practice to take out the steak. When the steak rests, it gains additional or extra 5 to 8 degrees F. Thus, it reaches 160 degree F which is said to be the ideal temperature. Thus, a medium steak is cooked.

Thus, the explanation for the question “how long do you cook a medium steak?” has been answered.

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