How long do you cook barbecue chicken?

This is a question that seems to be the exclusive domain of the inexperienced cook and they never seem to appreciate or come to terms why the response is a world weary sigh and a gentle shaking of the head from the cook that they have just asked for assistance from. To the novice cook, they have asked a perfectly legitimate question, after all given that cooking by its very nature is about ensuring flavor and taste to a maximum amount surely such a question should be welcomed?

How long do you cook barbecue chicken? My dear fellow, that depends entirely on the manner in which you intend to cook it for each and every of the different methods of cooking the chicken will have different minimum periods of time of which it must be cooked for in order to achieve a minimum standard of food hygiene.

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Beef is a very forgiving meat both to the cook as well as the person eating it because as long as the beef itself is not moldy, it does not really matter just how rare it is cooked at least from a food hygiene perspective. Food critics may have other things to say.

Chicken whether it is breast meat, thighs, drumsticks or wings on the other hand MUST be thoroughly cooked all the way through before it can even touch your fingers because there are is a myriad of extremely grisly bacteria which lives on chicken meat. how long do you cook barbeque chicken should be a question raised by any chef regardless of their skill, in order to ensure that food hygiene protocols are satisfied.

How long do you cook barbecue chicken? As an extremely generic guideline, 8 minutes is the recommended figure although this should not be taken for gospel. Make sure that before you actually serve the chicken for consumption that you check its juices to see how clear they are, if there is even a tinge of blood in them then they are not cooked yet.

Of course, how long do you cook barbecue chicken maybe answered by: a little longer especially if you are slow grilling them in order to get that indescribably tantalizing smoky taste that only a flame grill oven can produce for meat. Make sure you put in some charcoal and let is slowly but surely burn away.

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