How long do you cook chicken legs on the grill?

The stock answer gag for any BBQ or family outing, this is a question that is often raised by chefs across the world who operate both in a professional capacity as well as a personal one. The witticism identified earlier may not be that funny, but at least it illustrates a good point: when it comes to pinpointing a precise, round figure as to what best answers the dilemma of: how long do you cook chicken legs on the grill, everyone is different.

The problem lies in the power of the grill that is currently being used to cook the chicken, given how fiercely competitive the market barbecue grill market it is and given just how prevalent they are, it is little wonder then that there are so many different grills on offer and this in turn makes it extremely difficult to give a precise answer.

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That said, the question of “how long do you cook chicken legs on the grill is an extremely important one for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, if the chicken is not cooked properly then this means that there is always the very real danger of people contracting food poisoning as a result of the undercooked meat. This is because there is a number of bacteria that resides on meat and the cooking process not only improves the texture of the food but it also eliminates the bacteria in their tracks.

Therefore, the question of how long do you cook chicken legs on the grill is a vital one for chefs who operate on a professional capacity whether as a business or in a restaurant. If a patron of the business should happen to fall ill with food poisoning and if it can be proven that the chef was negligent in cooking the meat (in other words, the badly cooked meat was the cause of the harm suffered) this means that the chef is now vulnerable to a civil lawsuit.

How long do you cook chicken legs on the grill should become a mantra for all trainee chefs operating in commercial premises in order to ensure that they take all necessary precautions and satisfy all of the protocols required in order to ensure that the meat is prepared to the appropriate standard for the protection of the diner’s of the premises.

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