How long do you marinate steaks

Steaks are good when they are served by grilling or baking them in an oven. Famous chefs have said that the best way to make the steaks tastier is to marinate them.

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Marinating steaks can increase the taste to a long way. The advantage of marinating the steak is to allow the juices to settle down inside it and also to make it juicier than you would normally get in case you grill the steak without marinating it. Marinating the steaks is not an easy task. The question is how long do you marinate steaks. If we known as to how long do you marinate steaks, then the process would be a child’s play and it can be done by anyone who has a little bit of experience. Let us find out the answer to the question as to how long do you marinate steaks.

To marinate the steaks, it is necessary to have some common ingredients. The first one is to have garlic. Mince the garlic and then keep it inside a mixing bowl. After you are down and dusted with the garlic, it is time to go for some onions. Chop the onions and put them in the mixing bowl along with the minced garlic. Next goes the basil leaves. Chop the basil leaves. Separate any leaves which are found to be stuck to one another and then put them into the mixing bowl along with the minced garlic and chopped onions.

Take some amount of vegetable oil, soy sauce, red wine, salt and pepper and mix them together and then add them to the mixing bowl. The purpose of having a mixing bowl is that you can have all the ingredients needed for the marinating process and you can do it all from one single place. There is no need for turning our attention towards any other bowl or place. How long do you marinate steaks depends upon whether you are satisfied for a normal steak or you want to go for a really delicious steak with good juices inside it. Cut a lemon into half. I am sure all of you would know what my next line is going to be. As expected, squeeze the lemon juice into the mixing bowl. This step must be the last. Once all the other ingredients have been added into the mixing bowl, add the lemon juice to it. This is done because you want the acid from the lemon juice to work its magic. Lemon has a great flavor when it is used properly.

Now, here goes the last and final step. Place the steak inside the mixing bowl. It must be seen that the mixing bowl must be large enough to accommodate all the marinating ingredients as well as the steak. The steak must be marinated for at least some 4 to 5 hours for a perfect taste. If you are planning to cook the steak the next day, then it is a good idea to marinate it the previous night.Then, after the marinating process is done, you can cook it in your usual way either grilling or baking.

Thus, the issue of how long do you marinate steaks has been resolved.

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