How long does a cut take to heal

So you have a cut and are wondering how long before it heals? The answer is, it depends on where the cut is and it varies from person to person.

We all have different reactions to different things and it’s the same with cuts. Some of us heal in no time while others take longer for cuts to heal.

How long does a cut take to heal depends on where the cut is located.

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Cuts located on the hand or the palm may take longer only because we are constantly washing our hands and therefore getting the cut wet. The cut has to be dry for it to heal faster.

Treating the cut or wound early and caring for it properly could help speed up the healing process. However, how long does a cut take to heal differs for everyone. Some of us are fast healers whereas others take longer especially those with health problems. That said, it may take anywhere from 7 days to weeks and for some it may take even months.

Smaller cuts heal faster. The bigger and deeper the cut, the longer it may take to heal. It also depends if during the healing process infection happens – this could prolong the healing process. These all contribute to determine how long does a cut take to heal.

It the cut is deep then stitches may be needed. Without stitches, or butterfly bandage, the cut will not heal properly and it will take a lot longer for it to heal. And yet, this is another contributor in how long does a cut take to heal.

People with diabetes have wounds or cuts that take longer to heal. This is due to the increased blood glucose level that affects the cell walls to be rigid and impairs the blood flow to the small vessels at the cut and impedes the red blood cell and flow. How long does a cut take to heal for diabetics? It takes longer compared to those who are healthy.

People who are obese are more likely to experience an infection in their wounds or incisions and cuts take longer to heal which, could again, the reason be the same as diabetics – due to poor circulation of blood through the body. How long does a cut take to heal for obese people – it is longer.

Another determinant on how long does a cut take to heal is age. Apparently, aging slows down the healing time as the body produces more free radicals that damages the genetic material of the cells. It is therefore advised that as we get older, exercise is even more important to help the mitochondria to turn food to energy and thus lowers the production of free radicals and thus accelerating the healing time of a cut, wound or any other injury.

The bottom line is, when you get a cut make sure to clean it of any debris. Stop the bleeding. If the cut is too deep it may need stitches or butterfly band aids. Clean the cut or wound with simple soap and water and apply some antibiotic cream or ointment and keep the area dry. Do not cover it up with bandages as much as possible.

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