How long does a heart attack last

There are different types of heart diseases and different causes of a heart attack however when all is said and done a heart attack, or myocardial infarction, is the death of a part of the heart muscle due to loss of blood supply to that area.

You could be wondering how long does a heart attack last. The actual heart attack could last for several minutes with symptoms present.

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For anyone who survives a heart attack, with each attack the heart gets damaged and could lead to more attacks. A heart attack could also lead to heart failure without proper care and medication and ignoring symptoms given by the body.

Some patients with heart problems could suffer from a heart attack may not even know they are having a heart attack and most of them don’t know how long does a heart attack last. Some patients may be having little attacks which gets worst day by day as the patient goes on with their day to day life ignoring the symptoms. And so, how long does a heart attack last? Sometimes it could last for weeks, even months.

The actual heart attack, for how long does a heart attack last, could be a few minutes or, sometimes, it could be for a few seconds but it comes and goes. There is such a thing as a mild heart attack and a massive heart attack.

How long does a heart attack last depends on the type. A mild heart attack would have symptoms of chest pains or tightening of the chest or a heavy feeling on the chest and this could be accompanied by shortness of breath, light headedness, cold sweats, pain from the chest radiating to either the back, the arms, the jaw, teeth – when experiencing these, do not ignore, go to the nearest emergency room.

A massive heart attack could be quick but the outcome is most often fatal. It is believed, however, that how long does a heart attack last, the patient has been experiencing mild attacks that has been ignored. Chronic fatigue or unexplained lack of energy, feeling of indigestion or heart burn, nausea, chest pains.

Treatment for heart disease to avoid future heart attacks may be given however, the best way to avoid heart attack is to have a good health. Eat more greens and fruits, do not smoke and don’t abuse alcohol and narcotics. Exercise will help keep heart attacks at bay even if it’s only for 30 – 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. See your doctor frequently for preventive care. If you have a family history of heart disease then you should be going to your doctor more often than normal, again, for preventive care. Making better choices in life habits, eating right and moderate exercise is enough to keep the heart healthy. Most importantly, if you feel anything out of the ordinary or symptoms you are not sure what from – go see your doctor for remember that early diagnosis has a better treatment and prognosis.

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