How long does chicken keep in the refrigerator

Everyone is fond of chicken. Chicken forms a major part of the food for many people in most countries.

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Hence, the million dollar question is how long does chicken keep in the refrigerator. This is often a tricky question. It is so because it depends upon the nature of the meat. Some meat can last for only a short time whereas some can last for a really long time. Chicken can be obtained from several types of hens, cocks, roosters and other similar birds. Hence, the question of how long does chicken keep in the refrigerator is often difficult answer.

The chicken is usually slaughtered and sent to meat processing centers and they add some preservatives and then pack them in cans or send them directly to the supermarkets and other shops. The chicken will be in a frozen state at that time. Also, the chicken that we buy directly from a meat store or a supermarket can already be old. Hence, there is no guarantee that the chicken will be fresh. Even proper refrigeration cannot guarantee as to how long does chicken keep in the refrigerator.

When bacteria grow on the meat, then the chicken gets spoiled. Hence, it is necessary that we refrigerate it properly because proper and good quality refrigeration limits the growth of bacteria on the chicken. However, freezing is said to be the universal trusted method of giving more shelf life for the chicken. If the temperature is between 4.4 to 60 degree Celsius, then it is regarded to be a breeding temperature for the bacteria on the chicken and it is hereby advised to consume the chicken as soon as possible. Refrigerators at home are advised to keep the temperature to less than 4 degree Celsius in order to expand the lifetime of the chicken. When chicken is refrigerated, it can last up to 3 days.

When chicken is frozen completely, then the temperature of the frozen chicken will be less than 2 degree Celsius. In this case, bacteria cannot grow under favorable conditions. Bacteria find it impossible to grow in a food item that is completely frozen. Hence, the life period of the frozen chicken is increased. It has been reported worldwide that the answer to the question of how long does chicken keep in the refrigerator is that it can last for up to a week i.e. 7 days or maybe even up to 10 days.

After that, a bad and rotten smell will come from the chicken. In the presence of bad odor, it means that the chicken is spoiled and hence it is advised to throw it away. If the chicken is refrigerated under normal cool refrigerated conditions, then it can stay fresh for up to 2 days or maybe a day more. After that, the symptoms of rotten chicken will emerge. Also, the color will degrade during these times.

Thus, the topic as to how long does chicken keep in the refrigerator has been discussed.

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