How long does Chicken Need to Cook?

A great many persons are afraid of bacteria accumulating when they do not allow chicken to cook the proper amount of time. This is a legitimate fear.

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The rule here is that there is no such thing as chicken that is not well done. The question posed in this regard is how long does chicken need to cook? The following article will address this question with respect to different cuts of the bird as well as different types of preparation.

Chicken with respect to the topic question how long does chicken need to cook is a very popular meal choice. This is due to the fact it is extremely affordable in price, is readily available, is certainly full of nutrients and is mild to the taste not offering the gamy taste of most fowl.

However that said it is a carrier of harmful salmonella and improper handling of the bird may result in illness therefore addressing our question how long does chicken need to cook becomes significant. First it is important you choose healthy chicken with regard to our question how long does chicken need to cook. This means do not choose a bird that is dry, or discolored. You may also wish to check the date as to how long the chicken is good. Preferably the chicken respective of our question how long does chicken need to cook when purchased should be placed in a separate bag from the rest of your groceries as you will not want it to drip possibly contaminating the other food. Also, head home immediately after purchase.

If you take your chicken home and freeze it for later use, you will once you decide to defrost it need to do so in the refrigerator and not at room temperature. You do this in order to maintain the optimum in health standards as to the preparation of your chicken and relative to our question how long does chicken need to cook. Also advisable is to wash utensils in hot, sudsy water before using on the bird as well as after use. Make certain the sudsy, hot water is drained and drawn twice: before preparation and after preparation is complete. Also use an acrylic cutting board when making cuts to your bird. It is the safest of cutting boards when preparing your bird.

Before you begin preparing chicken make certain you always wash it under nice cold water.

With respect to our question, how long does chicken need to cook you must understand chicken again can only be well done. Also the cooking time will be determined as to a number of factors including the size of the bird, whether or not the chicken is stuffed, and the general nature of the oven. The larger pieces of chicken quite naturally with respect to how long does chicken need to cook will require a longer cooking time. This includes whole chickens as well as chicken that has been stuffed.

Also you may wish to make note respective of the question how long does chicken need to cook that white meat cooks faster than dark meat. In example, chicken breasts will cook faster than chicken thighs. It is recommended you set your oven to 350 degrees F to cook chicken relative to our question how long does chicken need to cook.

As a general guide relative to how long does chicken need to cook small pieces of chicken may take at 350 degrees F up to thirty minutes whereas large, stuffed birds can take up to one and one-half hours.

Do not base whether or not your bird is done by the outside condition. It is recommended you pierce the meat and assure the juices are running clear. If the chicken is undercooked the juices and the area near the bone will be pink. Also, on a whole bird, if the bird is done the drumsticks should rotate easily within their sockets. A meat thermometer may be used to assure the meat is fully cooked with respect to our question how long does chicken need to cook. In order to use the thermometer correctly place it in the thickest part of the meat for thirty seconds. If you are cooking chicken breasts, the internal temperature should be right around 170 degrees F when fully cooked, the thigh should be between 180 – 190 degrees F when done; and chicken that has been stuffed will be right around 165 degrees F when done to perfection and respective of our question how long does chicken need to cook.

Summarily, when it comes to answering the question how long does chicken needs to cook the answer lies in the size of the meat. Just be apprised, smaller pieces of meat require less time and larger pieces of meat need to be cooked longer anywhere in time from thirty minutes to one to one-half-hours as indicated within the preceding content. Also to make absolutely certain your chicken is done piercing the meat and assuring juices are running clear will assure you have a bird that is fully cooked. The best way to answer our question how long does chicken need to cook is to say it needs to cook long enough for the juices to run clear and should always be evaluated as to whether it is done or not by internal temperature and not external appearance. An internal temperature of 165 degrees F is an indicator that most cuts of chicken are fully cooked

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