How long does it take to bake chicken legs?

A question that is far easier to ask, than it is to answer because the simple truth of the matter is that how long does it take to bake chicken legs will depend entirely upon the particular recipe you intend to use. For example, you will need to cook the legs for much longer if you intend to marinade them in a sauce be it a curry sauce, Cajun sauce, or a sweet and sour dish than if you were going to eat them plain.

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One of the worst fears of any chef when cooking meat is that the meat is seemingly cooked to an acceptable level on the outside, but is actually stone cold (indicating that it is raw) in the center. Thankfully, it is quite to prepare and safeguard against such a situation and all the chef has to do is slit the chicken in the middle and take a look inside. If the meat is still pink, then the meat obviously needs a little while longer, if the meat has turned white then the chicken is ready for consumption (or at the very least, the next stage of preparatio.

How long does it take to bake chicken legs? If you want the joke answer, the answer is a very long time if you intend to experiment with each and every variety of the different recipes that are on offer for cooking and baking chicken legs…then you will have your work cut out for you suffice to say!

Is there a universal answer to: how long does it take to bake chicken legs? As previously mentioned, the default answer would have to be without fail: until the meat is thoroughly cooked all the way through, and the meat has turned from pink to white.

The problem with answering the how long does it take to bake chicken legs question (legitimate and understandable as a question as it is) is that there are simply too many variables involved in the process. Different ovens will have different settings, and different recipes will require the chicken to be cooked for longer periods of time in order for the chicken to really develop its flavor.

How long does it take to bake chicken legs is of special concern when cooking the likes of battered chicken or chicken that is covered in a sauce, because the meat is in effect, concealed from view.

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