How long does it take to grill baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are a delicacy by itself. The question that will arise is how long does it take to grill baked potatoes.

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The potatoes that are cooked by grilling are the same as the potatoes that are cooked by baking them in an oven. How long does it take to grill baked potatoes depends upon the quantity of the potatoes that we want to grill. The first thing to do is to bake the potatoes in the oven. After the potatoes have been baked, they will puff up and appear golden brown and also crispy. The cooking found varies and it is largely dependent upon the heat of the coals. It can also be dependent on the fire that is used for the grill.

Let us see each of the methods one by one. Based upon them, we can come to a final conclusion on how long does it take to grill baked potatoes:-

* Par-cook the potato before grilling process

The first step is to par-cook the potatoes before the actual grilling process. This can be widely considered to be extra work but it is still worth it in the long run. The potatoes would have already been cooked in this stage. So, just a small amount of searing is required in this stage. Immerse the potatoes in water. If the potatoes are tender, then they are ready for grilling process. If they are hard, then immerse them for some more time in the water. If they are tender, dry them well and then cream them with oil. The only thing that is now left to do is to grill them for about 15 minutes until the skin starts to look crispy. When this stage is reached, it is time to stop cooking. Take them out and add some extra flavors and serve them hot.

* Complete cooking on the grill

How long does it take to grill baked potatoes can be clearly estimated by this method. The first thing to do is to create a charcoal fire with plenty of heat. Make sure that you keep one side relatively cooler and the other side a little hot by keeping majority of the charcoals on one side. Heat one side of the grill to medium high and heat the other side to medium low for best results. Just keep the potatoes on the grill and cook them completely. The entire grilling process may take about 30 minutes to end. Sometimes, it may take even up to 40 minutes depending upon the heat of the grill.

* The traditional method

The first step to do is to wrap the potato with aluminum foil. Then, grill it. This is done so that the potatoes become nice and soft for perfect eating taste. When you are cooking potatoes by this method, it is necessary to wrap them properly for best results. This technique usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Thus, the general tips on how long does it take to grill baked potatoes have been discussed.

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