How long does the flu last

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is infectious and is easily spread. It starts off with a fever, body ache and then it affects the upper respiratory system.

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During this time the patient is highly infectious matter of fact, the virus would have been in the patient’s system for a few days before the actual symptoms come out however patient will begin to be infectious a day before the actual sickness and during the sickness. So, you probably already know that but you may be wondering how long does the flu last?

The answer is – it varies. There is such a thing as the 24 hour flu and then there is the flu that lasts up to a week to 10 days. This is all dependent on what is infected, the age or over all physical health of the patient. That said, no one really knows how long does the flu last.

The flu is passed from a merely cough or sneeze since it is airborne and it has but a short incubation period, about a day to 7 days. The flu could be spread through droplets or by contact and airborne as well as through objects that carry the germs and is spread by sharing that object – also known as fomites.

Symptoms appear in about 2 to 3 days and could linger for 7 days up to 10 days however how long does the flu last is, again dependent.

Influenza is diagnosed by physical exam. A culture of the throat and the nose could be taken and this could give the doctor a basic idea on how long does the flu last. These tests should be done in about the first 72 hours so as to make the proper diagnosis. To get a better diagnosis, blood test could be done.

Treatment for the flu consists of taking an antiviral drug. To target specific symptoms such as fever and body ache ibuprofen or Tylenol is recommended. Sometimes the use of antibiotics could be given too and this could determine as far as how long does the flu last. It is recommended that the patient stay in bed, first to control the spread of the virus – you don’t want it all over the house and affect the other family members, and plus the patient with influenza would not have the energy to be up and about. Plus, drinking lots of fluid is also recommended.

Because the flu is spread so easily, is airborne, and with its short incubation period, it gets to infect a small group of people quickly as in a classroom setting. In about 2 weeks or so the whole class has been affected and this makes it longer – how long does the flu last?

Pretty much everyone can get the flu from adults to younger children and it’s something that although unpleasant we deal with it and get through it. But sometimes it could be quite serious. Still in this day and age there are still those who die from influenza and they are patients who are weak to begin with, as in the elderly, or suffering from a major illness.

Good thing is that the flu could be prevented besides the treatment available. For one, there is a flu vaccine available and this helps us a lot. Be sure to teach your children to wash their hands before they eat and not to put any toys or crayons and other objects in their mouths. Teach them not to teach their face, to avoid sticking their hands in their mouths and in their nose and not to rub their eyes.

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