How long does vertigo last?

Vertigo is disorientation or a sensation of motion where it does not exist and the feeling that one is swaying, or tilting or feels like spinning.

Light headedness or dizziness happens when there is not enough blood getting to the brain. The most common reason for this is low blood pressure or dehydration especially during a sickness.

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The motion of getting up too fast from a laying or seating position and it could also be due to the flu, cold, allergies and hypoglycemia. Heart attack, stroke and a severe drop of blood pressure will cause light headedness together with chest pains, fast heart rate, change in vision, slurred or loss of speech among others.

Vertigo is caused by either Benign Positional Vertigo, occurs when changing position of the head and Labyrinthitis is usually followed or accompanied by a flu, cold or an inner ear infection. Another cause of Vertifo is Meniere’s disease – an inner ear infection that causes, among other things loss of balance and tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

How long does vertigo last? It differs for every one. It may last for a few days to a month or even more than that. It also depends on the type of light headedness you feel.

The on-set of vertigo that comes with a sudden movement or changing positions of the head, benign positional vertigo, will last for a few seconds. The type of vertigo will determine how long does vertigo last.

Labyrinthitis type of vertigo will last for as long as the condition is present especially if the condition is that of a cold. The pressure on the sinus could affect the inner ear and so until that pressure is relieved the vertigo will be present which could be anywhere from 10 to 14 days for how long does vertigo last.

Acute peripheral vertigo, which is secondary to vestibular neuronitis, is dizziness with a sudden on-set and gets worse progressively. The vertigo will resolve over several weeks however the sense of imbalance may last for months this is how long does vertigo last.

How long does vertigo last for patients with acute central vertigo due to posterior circulation stroke, will last for up to 48 hours. Whereas patients with vertigo lasting for only minutes may be due to vertebro – basilar artery TIA. As well as patients with a sudden on-set of vertigo that lasts for a few hours may be due to an on-set of Meniere’s disease.

As you can see, there are so many reasons for vertigo and the length of time for vertigo to last is dependent on the type.

The worst vertigo I had, and the only one I had which lasted for more than a few seconds or minutes, lasted for at least 6 weeks. The on-set happened when I had a cold and went ahead and used a nasal spray which right after the feeling of light headedness and nausea and disorientation happened. The first diagnosis for me was pregnancy due to the symptoms of nausea and light headedness. After reassuring the physician that it was not pregnancy, during consultation it was determined that I had vertigo. Simple movements as in standing or laying down even just being in a moving vehicle was not easy and although the vertigo cleared on its own, it took longer than a month for the vertigo to clear.

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