How long for a cut to heal

We all get scrapes and cuts and no matter how hard we try not to get one we always end up with one. When our child or children gets a scrape or a cut we instinctively reach for a bandage and to stop our children from crying we put a band aid on that boo – boo.

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But is that the best thing to do to heal a cut?

The best thing to do to a cut is firs, to stop it from bleeding. Second is to clean it using soap and water. Apply a Neosporin spray or any anti-bacterial or antibiotic cream or ointment on the cut. Keep the area dry as much as possible. But will this heal the cut faster? How long for a cut to heal?

To heal a cut depends on the person. It depends on how big or deep the cut is. Healing a cut also varies for everyone, their over all health and age plays a big role in how long for a cut to heal.

For deeper and bigger wounds or cuts the healing time is longer than 7 days. If your cut needs stitches be sure to ask the doctor for the best way to care for the cut as this would determine how long for a cut to heal. Applying antibiotic ointments on the cut and keeping it clean and dry will help heal the cut sooner. If there are any signs of infection be sure to go back to your doctor and have him take care of it and ask for care directions. An infection on your cut will prolong the healing time.

For minor cuts or scrapes the best treatment would be to keep the area clean, dry and open. Keep in mind that wrapping the cut with a band aid will not help dry the area and this could make the healing process longer. If you cannot stop the bleeding then there is a chance that the cut is deeper than you think and it may either need butterfly bandage or even stitches. If you don’t get proper care on the cut it may not heal as fast as you want it to and this could affect how long for a cut to heal.

If there is infection present you will know if the area is red and swollen and if there is pain around the area of throbbing/pulsing feeling. This could make the healing time longer. The best thing to do, if there is an infection, is to determine if there is pus. If pus is present then you will have to get this out of the cut. Clean the area, again, using soap and water and apply antibiotic topical ointment. If you had surgery and the incision is affected, go to your doctor and your doctor will have to get the pus out, determine the infection and he may prescribe an antibiotic ointment or even oral antibiotics to fight the bacteria that caused the infection.

Believe it or not, age plays a roll in how long for a cut to heal. The older we are the longer it takes for cuts to heal. One way to help speed up the healing process, and just to help your overall health, is to exercise. Exercising turns food into energy level and therefore fights the free radicals that slows down the healing process of the cells.

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