How long should chicken breast bake

How long should chicken breast bake for is a often raised question upon cookery websites and communities and with that one sentence alone, any experienced chef can tell that they are dealing with an amateur cook who is simply looking to jazz up their typical dinner routine. Are the experienced chefs telepathic? Far from it.

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The clue is in that one sentence: “how long should chicken breast bake for” because the person who originally posed that question would be just as well asking the question: how long is a piece of string?

The problem with posing the question “how long should chicken breast bake for” without any sort of additional information is that it is so vague that it would be highly unethical indeed to even make a tentative suggestion. Why? Because the potential degree of harm would be too great and the old adage of how “loose lips sink ships” seems especially apt here, because it should be noted that every single different method of cooking chicken will specifically include and involve as well as require a very specific period of time to cook the meat.

Therefore the question “how long should chicken breast bake for” is not an especially useful one, because it has to be narrowed down in order for there to be a decent reply. If you are wanting to find out more about how to cook chicken then it is strongly recommended that you are familiarise yourself with the issues identified thus far so that you if you do post on these internet communities you will be in a much stronger position to find the information you require.

It is nothing short of amazing, the number of amateur chefs who log onto a cookery website and then pose the question how long should chicken breast bake for without any sort of idea as to what they actually want to make. That said, this is not automatically or exclusively a negative thing as it means that the novice cook has a blank slate upon which they can identify and choose the various cooking methods that attract their interest the most, and from there, experiment with them accordingly. Too many of us get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking in that all we do is little more than try the same three or four dishes and never expanding beyond them. Make sure you refine your palette.

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