How long should i cook a steak?

That is entirely up to you, and how you want to eat the steak. The thing about steak is that there are three broad categories in which it can fall under, i.e.

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rare, medium and well done. |For those of us who are not immediately familiar with the meaning and implications of these terms, a quick break down is in order then.

Rare means that when it comes to the issue of how long should i cook a steak for, the short answer is: cook it for less time. Well done is where the steak is cooked for a longer period of time, in order to make sure that it is crisp and juicy. Medium is somewhere in between the two extremes.

There is an art to successfully cooking a steak and this equation involves a lot more than the mere: how long should i cook a steak for variable. First off, the cook needs to make sure that they choose a steak that is of decent quality, and in this regard I can only recommend meat from butchers as opposed to a supermarket. This may seem like a trivial point but there is logic to the madness in that a butcher will cut the meat for you there and then, which in turn means that the freshness and quality of the meat cannot ever be denied or disputed.

How long should i cook a steak for? As previously touched upon earlier within the article, this is directly influenced by how you like your steaks. However, in order to really speed things along, make sure that you preheat the pan in which you will be using to cook the steak with some olive oil. By using olive oil, the question of how long should i cook a steak for will soon quickly give way to: how long do I need to wait before I can savor this sensual and delicious meaty treat that entices my delicate senses?

Make sure that if you are grilling your steak(s) that you do so at an even temperature because if you set the heat at too high, then the meat will become scorched and overly crisp on the exterior with no heat entering into the inside of the meat. This is not only spoils the flavour but it also potentially means that the steak is dangerous to eat as well.

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