How long should you cook pork ribs?

Regrettably, the cook will really need to make a firm choice between two diametrically situated concepts: taste and healthiness. It is often commented that is something is enjoyable in life then it must be fattening, hazardous to our health or illegal in some way…and sadly pork ribs are no exception!

This dilemma should be at least considered before they begin to make provisions for the “how long should you cook pork ribs” question because the choice of sauce can potentially have a dramatic effect upon the cooking times.

There is a tendency among novice cooks to become so focused upon the question of “how long should you cook pork ribs for” that they develop a form of tunnel vision and seem incapable of comprehending all the preparation work that is required beforehand.

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You see, if you want to really produce an excellent set of pork ribs that is simply delicious and which tantalizes the eyes, mouth and nose then you need to make sure that you actually leave the ribs to marinate for a period of at least 24 hours, minimum. It is often remarked that how long you should cook pork ribs is not so much the big issue, instead the bigger concern for the person preparing them, is just how long to marinate them!

How long should you cook pork ribs? Frankly speaking, this is a fickle variable and one that cannot easily be quantified or pinpointed in any meaningful way because no two grills or ovens are ever created the same. You may want to cook the ribs for a longer period of time in order to get that wonderful smoky taste, so really the question of how long should you cook pork ribs is entirely at the discretion and patience of the cook.

A common mistake committed by novice chefs when cooking pork ribs is that they end up coating them in a very liberal amount of sauce, which is quite frankly a waste of time as well as money because as the ribs burn, the sauce will eventually carmelise and then run off the ribs as the fat is liquefied.

When it comes to cooking pork ribs in a marinate sauce just remember, whilst more is better for cooking times, the same does not apply in the specific context of the amount of sauce to be applied to the ribs

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