How long to boil ribs

Ribs are considered to be a passion for most chefs around the world. Chefs spend large amount of time planning different strategies on how long to boil ribs.

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Boiling the ribs is said to be a good method of preparing the ribs. Boiling can minimize or remove the germs that are sticking on to the ribs. Ribs are the tastiest meat that can be available and no wonder people wonder how long to boil ribs for a perfect taste. The biggest advantage of boiling the ribs is that it can reduce the cooking time when compared to other methods like grilling and oven method. Boiled ribs can still create a tasty meal for people who love the ribs part.

The first step in knowing how long to boil ribs is to cook it. We need to select the ribs for this purpose. Nice and fleshy ribs can be found in the frozen meat centers or in the supermarkets. It is important to freeze the ribs before you boil them as it makes them tenderer. Freeze those 5 to 6 hours prior to boiling it. At the time of boiling it, take them out of the freezer and keep it in cold water and wait on till it reaches the room temperature. Once it reaches the room temperature, cut the ribs. Use a sharp knife for this purpose.

The next step is to prepare the water. Use a big pot for this purpose. The pot must accommodate all the ribs and water in it. Fill the pot with three fourths of water. Heat the pot to medium heat. Season the ribs with onion powder, salt and pepper. Then drop the ribs gently into the pot one by one slowly.

Boil the ribs for some 20 to 30 minutes. Keep the temperature as the same throughout the boiling process. How long to boil ribs depends upon the temperature at which the water is boiled inside the pot. Boil them for this much amount of time. Then, take a meat thermometer and check the temperature. If the temperature is anywhere around 150 degrees F, then it means that the meat is perfectly boiled and it is time to take it out. Press the side of the meat with a fork or a knife. If it gives in easily, then you have boiled the meat perfectly. If it is still hard, then boil it inside the pot for some more time.

Some people may prefer to grill the ribs after boiling it. To grill it, it is necessary to boil the chicken to only half of the total amount of time that is needed. This is because the meat must be only a little tender by the time we grill it since grilling will make it softer. So, boil it for just about 15 minutes and then keep it in the grill.

After taking the ribs out of the pot after boiling, do not throw the water away as it can serve as an excellent base for soup.

Thus, the theory on how long to boil ribs has been discussed.

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