How long to cook chicken in the oven?

This deceptively simple and straightforward question is made infinitely more difficult by virtue of the fact that there are so many different types of chicken available for consumption, all of which will require varying degrees of cooking time in order to ensure that the quality of the meat is guaranteed that the meat is cooked all the way through.

One of the best solutions to the question of how long to cook chicken in the oven is to be found in the guise of the cooking of chicken in parchment method and what makes this method of cooking so effective is that it provides a far more generous degree of flexibility for the cook in which they can make mistakes.

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This particular method is also ideal because it allows the cook to cook the chicken all the way through without the need to actually re arrange the meat.

If the chicken is frozen then the short answer to the question: how long to cook chicken in the oven for is simply 40 minutes to an hour, although it is imperative that you make sure that you do not wrap the chicken too tightly in the parchment because you will need to account for the heat causing the meat to expand.
When you are a harassed parent trying to figure out how long to cook chicken in the oven for, it is perfectly reasonable that you are so focused and caught up trying to prepare the chicken that you are left unaware as to the potential dangers that eating chicken can pose. For example, how long to cook chicken in the oven encompasses food hygiene concerns for example the chef will need to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked to prevent food poisoning.

Parents, just remember that not only do you need to consider how long to cook chicken in the oven but you also need to give some serious thought to the potential choking hazard that eating chicken can pose, especially for young children. It is simply imperative then that you remove the meat from the bones prior to cooking and serving the meat up. Whilst pre prepared chicken pieces will have had most of the bones removed, there is no guarantee that they are totally eliminated and so it is vital that the chef takes the necessary precautions.

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