How long to grill baked potatoes?

How long to grill baked potatoes asks any aspiring chef. Whilst their curiosity and creative experimentation is commendable it should be noted that when it comes to how long to grill baked potatoes, perhaps a careful review of the benefits that grilling the potato will bring is in order here.

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The great thing about grilling baked potatoes is that it is the ideal way of ensuring that the heat of the oven is distributed in an even manner throughout the whole of the potato and this is especially significant in terms of ensuring that the potato is not only safe to eat, but pleasing to eat as well.

How long to grill baked potatoes depends entirely upon the shape of the potato and whether it has been molested or not. In other words, if the potato has been left fully intact and there has been no attempt to reduce its size then the cook will really be looking at cooking it for around 40 minutes, than if it were divided into smaller wedges.

How long to grill baked potatoes? Well, if time is of the essence then you may want to opt for the cut into smaller pieces option in order to ensure that the cooking time is significantly reduced. Many novice cooks quickly counter this by pointing out that finely chopping the potatoes into fine slivers is a fairly laborious task indeed and is a task that, whilst maybe ok whilst time is on their side, is wholly unacceptable for when time is against them.

However, it is suffice to say that the question of how long to grill baked potatoes will be answered with “much shorter” if you do indeed take the time to cut the potato into wedges. By cutting the potato into wedges, you will be guaranteed to reduce the estimated cooking by a full 15 minutes which is a third of what the time is for a fully virgin potato.

Potato wedges are extremely tasty, pleasing to the eye and are great as snack whether with a dip, sauce or simply by their own. Given all these wonderful benefits that they provide, why on earth wouldn’t you want to make use of them?

If you are asking how long to grill baked potatoes but really mean: how can I speed it up, then the simple answer is: make sure you parboil the potatoes before grilling them.

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