How to advertise your website

To advertise a website is an effective method to run a successful business. Some advertising methods include cost and some are free of cost.

Ads by Google

You can make a choice as to whichever is suitable for you.

When you think about ‘how to advertise your website’ your goal should be-how to gain substantial amount of traffic?

There are a lot of promotional methods. Few of them are listed below:

The website should be listed on major internet directories (Google directory, Yahoo directory).This affects the ranking in various search engines.

The website can act as a traffic magnet, if search engine strategies are properly implemented. Few of the programs are:

· CPM (cost per thousand views), PPC (pay per click)/PPA (pay per ad) it’s with Google ad words/yahoo search.PPS (Pay per scale) is considered the safest programs PPS you’ll only pay the referred a certain amount of money. You are only paying for actual sales. For other programs you won’t pay for actual sales.

· Use of exchange links /banners has many advantages. It’s cheap, costs only few words and a link on your site. It increases visitors from the sites that link to you.

To capture the attention of readers you can create a newsletter with attractive captions. A caption ‘how to advertise your website’, can be used.

· Social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, You Tube, My Space etc.)Do offer options for placing ads. It’s an easy way to target audience by location, age and interest. The ads can pop-up ‘How to advertise your website’.

· Viral marketing (a word of mouth) can be fruitful. You can discuss a lot of schemes with your friends etc.

Include your signatures along with whatever you write. Let it be guest books, sign-ups, testimonials, messages, reviews etc. Way to make yourself known.

· Hold a contest on your website. It should be ongoing or regularly held. So visitors are keen to visit it. Some contests may fulfill dual needs. For ex-Please suggest some ways ‘How can you advertise your website’. By this you can get various ideas from people and gain traffic.

· Opt for webmaster services. In other words a webmaster is the correct person who knows “how to advertise your website ‘in a perfect way.

Can create a toolbar, customize it .Use own logo’s linked directly to homepage. Let the users share their favorites with friends and later on with other friends. It enables the formation of a chain.

The above stated promotional methods are only a few. When you think about ‘how can your website be advertised, several views, reviews, ideas could be used to get the best outcome.


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