How to catch fruit flies

The first thing you should know, and note, about fruit flies is that regardless of the name, fruit flies don’t just swarm fruits — they swarm any form of vegetation there is.

Fruit flies are so tiny that sometimes they look like a speck of dust floating around in the air. Although they do not bite, they certainly are annoying and bothersome.

There are ways and suggestions on how to catch fruit flies and they all seem simple enough to follow.

First of, find the source of those flies keeping in mind, again, that they not only swarm on fruits but vegetables as well.

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Once you’ve located the source – throw that rotten this out!

The most used suggestion on how to catch fruit flies would be using apple cider vinegar. Fill up a bowl of apple cider vinegar and lay it where the flies are swarming. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, Press ‘n Seal is highly recommended, and then puncture little holes at the top of the bowl. For whatever reason, the flies could get in but not get out. This is how you catch fruit flies.

You could also uze a szip bag to catch fruit flies. Pour apple cider vinegar in the zip bag. Zip the bag but not all the way, leave about an inch open and either hang it or lay it where the flies are. When the bag is full of flies simply toss the bag out and repeat for as long as you see them flies.

Another way on how to catch fruit flies would be to use a soda bottle. Cut the bottle, at least a third from the top, and pour some apple cider vinegar in the bottom of the bottle. The cut-off part of the bottle, lay it into the bottom part but lay it upside down creating a cone. Using duct tape or masking tape, seal around the top and bottom of the bottle. The flies would be able to crawl down to the bottom of the bottle, into the apple cider, and some how they can never find their way out.

Hang some fly strips where the fruit flies are. No matter how small they are, they will get stuck on that fly strip and the won’t be able to come lose.

Note that you can also use wine to entice the flies. Pour some wine in a plastic cup. Seal the top of the cup with plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic wrap is tight around the cup. Puncture holes on the wrap… and watch the flies crawl in but not be able to get out.

Then again, get a glass of wine, get your apple cider vinegar, pour some of that apple cider vinegar either in a bowl or plastic cup and repeat the process. Set the apple cider vinegar cup where ever the flies are. In the meantime, pour a glass of wine, sit in one spot and watch those fruit flies get in the cup while you sip your glass of wine.

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