How to cook a new york strip steak

The new York strip steak is classified as one of the tastiest foods that is available in the world. It is said to be tastier than the rib eye steak.

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The question that arises now is how to cook a new york strip steak. Knowing how to cook a new york strip steak can be a good talent especially if you are a homemaker. New York strip steak is a very tender steak. New York strip steak is said to be in the list of top 5 steaks that are offered in the United States of America.

Let us now see how to cook a new york strip steak in detail. Read through the following points:-

* The first step to undergo is to buy the meat. The meat is a little costly if you are buying it in a local supermarket.
* Clean the meat. Wash it with plenty of fresh clean water in order to remove the dirt and also the germs to ensure bacteria free food.
* The next step is to season the meat. A new york strip cut is very good meat and so care must be taken not to season it a little bit too much. Adding salt and pepper is enough even though garlic is also acceptable. Season it as per your taste.
* This is a very important part and it has to be followed compulsorily if you want your steak to be tasty. Keep it at room temperature for about 60 minutes to allow the juices to settle down within. This is done to make the steak more tender.
* The next important thing to do is to prepare the grillby heating it up with the help of a fire. If you are using a grill, then make the fire heat up high. Suppose in the case of charcoals, make sure that they all burn uniformly.
* Next comes the cooking process. Usually people prefer the medium rare steak as it is tasty. Allow the meat to cook for about 3 minutes on each side. If you already know how to cook a new York strip steak, then this step would not be too difficult for you.
* After you have done with one side, turn it or flip it to the other side. If you are an expert, then you would have no problems. For beginners, I would advise you to be a little careful as the fire may catch your dress if you are not alert.
* Now, check out the nature of the steak. Feel it with a pair of gloves. In case it is soft, it means that you still got to cook it for some more time. If it is too hard, then chances are that you have over cooked it. If it is somewhat tender, then you have got it right.
* It is always advisable to check the temperature of the steak with the help of a meat thermometer. If the temperature if around 150 degrees F, then you have got the perfect medium steak.
* Allow it to cool for about 5 minutes to allow the juices to flow through.
* Serve hot

Thus, the general tips on how to cook a new york strip steak has been discussed.

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