How to cook frozen hamburger patties

Frozen hamburger patties are very delicious food. It is necessary to know how to cook frozen hamburger patties.

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We can either bake them or fry them in oil depending upon the taste we prefer. In the above methods, there is no need to defrost them. But, the best frozen hamburger patties are cooked with the help of a grill. Let us now see how to cook frozen hamburger patties.

The steps on how to cook frozen hamburger patties are as follows:-

* The first step in preparing any item is to buy all the necessary ingredients. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding that you are short of something after you have started the recipe process.
* The next thing is to make sure that the hamburger beef is fully chilled in a freezer before we start to cook it. Once the hamburger meat is fully chilled, we got to form it into the form of patties. Make extra sure that you wear gloves or your hand is clean.
* While preparing a patty, make sure that it is ¾ inches thick. It must be kept in mind that the patty must be larger than the size of the bun because when they are all grilled together, the patty will shrink due to the grilling process.
* Now is the time to put any salt or pepper and other seasoning agents that you have.
* Now, place the burger for about 4 to 5 minutes on the grill. Make sure that you grill the burger on both the sides’ uniformly and not just on one side. Make sure you flip it on both sides. Depending upon what meat we use for our hamburger, the time may vary. Nevertheless, it won’t take more than 6 to 7 minutes on an average. Also, the strength of the grill can go a long way in deciding the time of grilling the patties.
* Now, make the buns to be nice and crisp. Crisp buns are always preferred for hamburgers rather than soggy and spongy buns because they increase the taste of the hamburger.
* Cook the patties until the juices are clear.
* Once the patties have been cooked fully, take them out and allow them to cool for some 2 or 3 minutes. Let the juices settle down inside them as it will increase the taste.
* Now, add whatever toppings you want for your frozen hamburger patties. Most probably, lettuces can be added. Carrots and cucumber slices can also be added for vegetarian lovers. Add some tomato sauce for flavor and also some red wine for some extra kick.
* Now, take the entire patty and keep it in the middle between the two buns as if in a sandwich.
* Allow it to cool for some 2 or 3 minutes before serving it.
* It must be kept in mind that how to cook frozen hamburger patties depends upon what all extra ingredients we use and also the type of method we employ.

Thus, the discussions for the question as how to cook frozen hamburger patties have been elaborated above.

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