How to cook ribs on gas grill?

If you hate someone and wish to be truly spiteful, then offer to cook them ribs on a gas grill with a marinade, without putting cling foil down onto the surface of the grill because the sticky sauce combined with the intense heat will turn into a coating that is all but impossible to remove (at the very least, requiring a significant amount of hard work and time on the oven owner’s part). If you are feeling especially self-destructive then you can always learn how to cook ribs on gas grill and just not make any sort of real effort to prevent the sauce dripping everywhere.

For those of us who want to enjoy our meal without having to contend with just how much of the day we will have to waste (as well as toxic fumes we will have to contend with breathing in) then yes, cling foil as a protective layer directly beneath the spare ribs is a necessary precaution.

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The cling foil it should be noted will not affect the cooking time, flavor or success of the end result.

How to cook ribs on gas grill? Well, again, this question can be qualified with either the: the good way or the mediocre way. The mediocre way is a half-hearted attempt as to how to cook ribs on gas grill and quite frankly, this will be very fairly plain to the taste buds because the meat will be fairly substandard whereas the good way on the other hand, will involve the meat being slowly cooked before it is to be used.

How to cook ribs on gas grill, with taste as a top priority? That one is easy: make sure that you actually take the time to coat the ribs with a sauce of your choosing before you actually put them under the grill. It should be noted that ribs by themselves are fairly bland, tedious things to eat, devoid of any flavor and so it falls to the cook to ensure that a suitable amount of sensual delight is released from the ribs.

How to cook ribs on gas grill? When you put them under the grill, coat one side and leave it cook until you can see the sauce melting into the meat, and once that is done, simply flip the ribs over to the uncoated side and repeat the process.

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