How to draw Disney characters

In Disney world there are many cartoon characters. This cartoon characters Disney are liked by children a lot, some of the favorite cartoon characters children like the most are Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Donald duck, Bubba, scrooge, Louie, Goofy etc.

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The little kids also want to draw the picture of cartoon characters they like in the drawing competition or in the drawing book they keep with them. So the question is here how to draw the cartoon characters.

You can learn easily to draw the cartoon characters in step by step method. Many art schools like Drogo art are there to teach you to draw the cartoon characters you like. This type of school has many cartoon characters of Disney with them in there bunch. This school provides you the methods, the tips and tricks to draw the character. Even if you are a parent you can also learn and surprise your child on his birth day by giving him birth day gift as the picture of cartoon characters him like. But the most adoptable and cost less way to learn how to draw pictures of cartoon characters you want is web sites. By searching on line you can get many good websites in which methods are there to learn to draw Disney characters. By drawing these characters you can enjoy a lot and definitely it will change your mood when you will be feeling sad.

If you are decided to learn the of drawing Disney characters you first collect the tool you need to draw like pen, pencil, paper , colors etc.  You can purchase those things from market at a very less price.  Then you have to choose a Disney cartoon character to draw.  First you choose a simple character which will be easier for you to draw. You can choose the picture of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are both very easy to draw and good starter characters. When you chosen a character you are going to draw then you must copy that character for reference right in the front of you. Might be you are a great Disney fan but some times it is very hard to remember certain easy things and could be missed that thing which will be a great disadvantage for you. So always keep a copy of the character you are drawing in front of your eye.
The first thing is you should always draw the basis shape while drawing the Disney Characters. You lightly use the circle, oval, and straight line to give shape of different Parts of body. These lines will be the foundation of your drawing which you always have to remember. Then after you can draw the whole shape of a cartoon character very easily. So by only concentrating on some methods you can easily able to draw a very difficult cartoon character also. so you don’t have to worry about this thing at all you can learn how to draw a Disney character.

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