How to grill pork ribs

Many people have a general doubt and confusion on how to grill pork ribs. Grilling is not a big task though.

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The grilling task is the same for all types of meat except for some small changes here and there. In this article, we are going to explain in detail how to grill pork ribs.

The first thing to do before knowing how to grill pork ribs is to purchase pork ribs of the finest kind. The pork ribs must be very fresh to start off with. Do not buy pork ribs that are old and forlorn. It is often a good practice to buy pork ribs that are not flavored already or those which already have a rub on them. This is because homemade rubs are the best. The next important step is to clean the ribs. There may be extra fat sticking on the side of the pork ribs. Cut them off. Pour small amount of oil in a pan and fry the ribs initially for about 7 minutes. This improves the taste in the overall rib.

The next step is to prepare the grill. Use the best grill that you have. Initially, preheat the grill. The grill must be preheated to about 350 degrees F. it is very important to heat the pork rib over indirect supply of heat. A medium heat also ensures best taste. This is done because direct heat and high temperature will burn out the pork rib and also make it a bad taste. Chefs have advised a slow and steady smoke for grilling the ribs. Since wood chips burn too easily, it is better to use wood chunks. It is always considered to a wise thing by using applewood or cherrywood. Now comes the grilling process. The grill must be hot enough by now. Now, take the pork ribs and place them gently on the grill. First, cook it on one side. Depending upon the heat and temperature of the grill, cook it first on one side. Each side must be cooked for about 4 to 5 minutes. This makes the ribs extra tasty. After all the sides have been cooked, press it with a fork to see whether it is tender or hard. If it is tender, then it means that it is not cooked properly yet. In that case, allow that side to cook for more time. It must be noted that the grill must be cooked with the bone side in a downward position. It is also a good practice to add some paste such as lime juice or white wine or even red wine. Suppose if you wish to add some sauce, and then add it when the ribs are fully cooked and do not add it in between. It is important to know this in order to know how to grill pork ribs. In case, you add the sauce while grilling, then the sauce will simply burn away. After the pork ribs have been fully cooked, take them put and allow them to cool for sometime before serving it.

Thus, the general tips on how to grill pork ribs have been discussed.

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