How to grill vegetables in aluminum foil

In many respects, the question of how to grill vegetables in aluminum foil is almost a philosophical one in many respects and helps to impart a number of valuable life lessons. Grilling vegetables is an excellent way to add a fantastic crunchiness to the texture of the various vegetables being cooked and this in turn helps to bring out a whole new range of flavors.

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That said, it should be noted that if you simply put your vegetables into a baking tray, turn the grill on and leave them in the oven then the chances are that you will be presented with charred, misshapen lumps of matter that are better suited for a chemistry lesson or for burning fuel in a steam engine than for the dinner plate.

Many novice cooks who hear the question “how to grill vegetables in aluminum foil” quickly follow this up with “why use aluminum foil at all?” Very simple: to ensure that the maximum amount of heat is distributed in an even and systematic manner throughout the vegetables and in order to therefore ensure that the vegetables do not become desiccated within a short period of time.

How to grill vegetables in aluminum foil effectively? Make sure that you skewer the vegetables so as to keep them firmly together as well as to ensure that they all cook thoroughly. You will want to make sure that you take proper care when it comes to preparing the vegetables that are due to be grilled i.e. by ensuring that you cut them all to a decent size (this will go a very long to ensuring that they grill properly and evenly.The last thing you want is vegetable portions which are all significantly larger/smaller than one another because then you will need to contend with the fact that whilst some of the vegetables are cooked, others are not.

How to grill vegetables in aluminum foil should also encompass the use of a marinating sauce to glaze and coat the skewered portions as this will be an excellent way to really add sweetness and juiciness to the vegetables. How to grill vegetables in aluminum foil like the pros? Make sure you sprinkle a little bit of olive oil and coarse sea salt onto the vegetables so as to allow for the maximum amount of taste and flavor to emerge at the end of it all.

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