How to heal a fat lip

Are you suffering from a fat lip? Did you perhaps get into a fight and suffered a blow on the lip? Did you hit something or fall and hit your face and perhaps suffered a cut on your lip? Or did a bug bite you on the lips? These are all common and although there is nothing we can do to make the fat lip go away in an instant we do know how to heal a fat lip.

The first thing we do when we hit our lips is to get an icepack or cold compresses and apply it on our lips this is how to heal a fat lip. This is all well and good and could help heal a fat lip.

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Be sure to alternate the use of the cold compresses about 10 – 15 minutes as often as you can and you could do this for up to 3 days to help reduce the swelling.

If your fat lip is due to a cut or a blow to the face, make sure that the tissue damage is not severe enough to warrant stitches. See a doctor if you are not sure if you would need one. If you split your lips, chances are you would need stitches. Even then, after you get the stitches to help how to heal a fat lip apply the cold compresses directly on the area and press down gently. This may sting a bit but after a short while it may turn numb. You don’t want to leave the icepack or cold compress too long for this could also further damage the area. The use of pain killers such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol could help ease the pain of how to heal a fat lip.

Applying Vaselin or Petrleum Jelly will help seal the area and could therefore ward off any bacteria wanting to get in and cause some infection. Blistex, Chapstix and the like could help protect the lips too by sealing the skin and protecting them from other bacterias this is how to heal a fat lip.

The use of herbs could also help heal the cut as in aloe vera and tee tree oil and this could also help reduce the chances of scarring. Vitamin E oil, honey with castor oil or honey with butter could also help the healing process and lessen the chances of scarring. Amica oil is said to help reduce the swelling as well as oils like those in peppermint or lavender mixed with coconut or olive oil can help heal a fat lip too.
Should you happen to have a cut, or a sore, in your lips then gargling with warm water with salt could be a fast remedy for that albeit could cause some stinging the result is worth it.

Bug bites could best be healed by topical ointments with antihistamine. If you are allergic to any bug bites, oral allergy medication should be taken and consult your doctor to see if there is anything else that needs to be done or if you would be required to go to his office or to the emergency room although this is done to those with severe allergic reaction to any bug bites.

There is no fast and easy cure to how to heal a fat lip – time does a better job at it.

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