How to high jump

Athletes have spent large amount of time assessing how to high jump. They have underwent rigorous training and practice on how to high jump.

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But, still there are some basic things to be followed in order for a high jump. There are some key points to be kept in mind during a high jump.

The run sets the tone for the jump. If the run is not done properly or if it is overdone, then chances are that you may not be able to jump over the bar and you may end up with a muscle sprain. The angle of run marks an important role for itself. If the angle of the run is greater, then the possibilities of a proper high jump are high. The length of the run must be planned in such a way that it gives enough acceleration for the takeoff for the high jump. If the run is slow, then 7 to 8 strides are enough for the high jump. In case the run is a steady and fast one, then 13 to 15 strides are enough. Keep this in mind if you want to know as to how to jump high. The speed of the run can also be an important factor in a high jump. If the leg power is strong, then the high jumper may run for a good distance before taking a high jump. Then comes the method of the run. High jumpers may start off lazily and they increase the speed of the run at the time of takeoff. This is nothing but a preplanned strategy.

Then, it is time for the takeoff. The takeoff has only 1 motive. It is to jump as much high as you possibly can. It won’t come out good if you are feeling tentative and careful during the jump. You got to throw caution to the winds and be as reckless as you can. It is no use feeling afraid of getting an injury or feeling shy to run with your trousers on in front a large crowd. Your mind frame must be in such a way that you are going on an all out attack. It is no use aiming to jump high during the actual test. Whatever you practiced before, you got to repeat it. It will not work out by trying something extra during the actual game event. So, do not try anything that you did not try before on a main event.

If you need some more advice on how to jump high, then you got have 3 basic things within you at all times:-

Competitive competence

Self confidence, self control and reckless abandon come under this category.

Adequate power

You must be strong mentally alone. You got to match your mental power physically as well.

Mastery of skill

Once you have practiced all the skills that are essential for a high jump, the next phase is to master the skills that you have acquired.

Thus, the general tips on how to jump high has been discussed.

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