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Search Engines come across for related matter when someone performs a search depending up on a particular keyword. Thus the site must have related content in order to stay high in SERP.

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This is a course of action of raising the number of visitors to the site by placing high in results of a search engine. Search engine optimization can be employed into a website as you can optimize the site once it is designed. The word which is to be optimized in the site is referred as the “Search phrases” or the “keyword”. Performing a search engine optimization is to create traffic at your website. Search engine optimization can be presented virtually on any websites and is one of the most dominant ways of promotion for any business deficiency to attain a steady online presence.

Here are some of the illegal, or more or less illegal, search engine optimization and
Associated practice.

1. Trademarked Keywords in Domain Names
If anyone is thinking of getting registered with a domain name which includes trademarked keyword then think over it again. Usage others trademark to catch the attention of customers is an illegal search engine activity. By performing such kind of activity comes under violation of federal trademark law. According to this law it prohibits the usage of others trademark as it can create a sense of confusion among customers.

2: Trademarked Keywords in META Tags
Usage of trademarked keywords in any of your META tags is not an illegal search engine activity. But take legal action can be taken by the people. It relays are these trade marketed keywords are used. If the keywords are used in a misleading style, then you are in trouble.

3. Pagejacking
Pagejacking is referred as to copy others web page and put forward it to the illegal search engines by telling it as your own. To a certain extent pagejacking includes page cloaking.
Pagejacking is almost as the pinching copyrighted contents.

4. Deep Linking
Deep linking is the carry out the action of giving the link straight to particular content on a site’s sub-page, rather than connecting it to the home page.

5. Deep Linking Within a Frame
If anyone connects to other site’s content by presenting it inside a FRAME on your site, and your insert in one more FRAME, then it is one of the illegal activities performed.
This is nothing but pinching of others content to make marketing revenue.

7. Deep Linking without seeking Permission
The entire sites you are trying to link are secured. Before you link it to any site, you must seek the permission of the owner. If the permission is nit taken then it is illegal search engine action.
So one must be careful about their advertising techniques that they use. Think of a technique that is understood as illegal; make a search the internet for legal cases on these methods.
There are few other techniques that can help you in finding the better solutions for marketing. You can try and make a search in the net through which you can gain much more information about the contents and the illegal activities that can be happened.

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